Sample Patents:

The following is a short list of some of the 500+ patents obtained by Mr. Todd E. Marlette. This list is periodically updated and is by no means exhaustive. 

A printer friendly version of various high technology patents is also listed on page 4 of our main e-brochure.

Automotive Technology

5,522,371 Thermal insulation engine

5,603,298 High compression ratio internal-combustion engine

Business Method / e-Commerce

5,553,216 Structured database system together with structure definition frame storing document body data

5,946,665 On line shopping system using a communication system

Cable Television Equipment

5,812,929 Bidirectional television system, cable television distributing device and processing terminal device

CAD/CAM Software and Equipment

5,751,597 CAD apparatus for LSI or printed circuit board

Cellular Telephony

5,585,805 Travel velocity detecting apparatus in mobile communication system

5,930,772 Volume-dependent accounting system and method in connectionless communications

7,289,461 Communication using wideband terminals

8,797,850 System and method to adapt to network congestion

Coding for Multimedia: Graphics, Speech, and Video

8,346,544 Selection of encoding modes and/or encoding rates for speech compression with closed loop re-decision

8,396,916 Fast DCT algorithm for DSP with VLIW architecture

8,612,498 Channel switch frame

9,237,355 Adaptive motion resolution for video coding

Computer Architecture

5,574,269 Processing system for processing information in card having plurality of functions

6,463,582 Dynamic Optimizing Object Code Translator for Architecture Emulation and Dynamic Optimizing Object Code Translation Method

Computer Graphics and Animation

5,880,860 Graded color acquisition method and apparatus in image processing

5,610,842 Method of animation plotting of NC machining program

Computer Networks

5,689,661 Reconfigurable torus network having switches between all adjacent processor elements for statically or dynamically splitting the network into a plurality of subsystems

Digital Photography

5,585,845 Electronic still camera having data storage device and method for recording image data within said data storage device

Electrical Power and Regulation

5,563,493 Power source system of portable information processing system using battery

5,621,623 DC-DC converter using flyback voltage

Fiber Optic Technology

5,515,192 Optical systems making use of phenomenon of stimulated brillouin scattering

5,636,046 Optical dispersion compensation method using transmissible band determined from synergetic effect of self phase modulation and group velocity dispersion

Food, Food Processing, and Related Equipment

5,528,967 Fluid jet fruit slicer

5,601,864 Fish-based food product resembling fried bacon pieces

5,820,890 Apparatus for cutting plastic bar-shaped food

7,191,957 Peristaltic machine for depositing viscous materials

WO 97/31525 Pet operated pet food protecting device


5,400,526 Footwear sole with bulbous protrusions and pneumatic ventilation


5,335,971 Foldable chair

High Density Flexible Conductors

6,007,668 Tab tape and method for producing same

Human Electronics Interface

5,597,067 Pushbutton switch

Laser Eye Surgery

5,815,240 Ophthalmologic device having means for classifying the picture data in the frame memory into the bright point regions and the mask regions

5,835,190 Ophthalmologic curvature measuring device and method to conjointly measure a central and peripheral portion of a curved surface

Laser Technology

5,742,627 Laser oscillator using a plate-type heat exchanger

Manufacturing Equipment

5,952,587 Imbedded bearing life and load monitor

Medical Equipment

5,305,483 Infant body support pad providing air flow for breathing

5,346,506 Method for establishing defibrillation threshold for a cardiac defibrillator

6,221,016 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus

6,470,071 Real time data acquisition system including decoupled host computer

7,013,178 Implantable medical device communication system

Musical Equipment and Digital Music Technology

5,353,674 Shell resonant membranophone

7,663,052 Musical instrument digital interface hardware instruction set

Optical Recording Media

5,617,394 Optical disk recording method and device

Photographic Technology

5,552,853 Auto focusing apparatus in a camera

Printing and Duplication Technology

5,606,406 Process cartridge provided with an accurately positioned transfer roller

6,254,214 System for cooling and maintaining an inkjet print head at a constant temperature

6,310,641 Integrated nozzle plate for an inkjet print head formed using a photolithographic method

Product Packaging

5,379,549 Receptacle for shipping horticultural products

Radio Frequency ("RF") Technology

7,444,166 Wireless diversity receiver with shared receive path

Refrigeration and Piezoelectric Cooling

5,836,169 Coffee Brewer Including Refrigerated Storage Receptacle

9,006,956 Piezoelectric active cooling device

Robotics and Automated Manufacture

5,549,018 Small-locus machining apparatus

5,589,086 Method and apparatus for electrical discharge machining with control of a servomechanism by a position loop and a speed loop

Satellite Technology

5,855,341 Method of controlling a plurality of satellites

6,463,366 Attitude determination and alignment using electro-optical sensors and global navigation satellites

Semiconductor Technology

5,508,634 Semiconductor integrated circuit device of dual configuration having enhanced soft error withstanding capacity

Sensing Equipment

5,952,587 Imbedded bearing life and load monitor

Sound Suppression Systems

5,583,943 Active noise control system with detouring sound apparatus

Sports and Exercise Equipment

5,388,877 Hunting bow retriever

5,860,415 Portable golf ball warming device

5,951,034 Semi-recumbent bicycle and conversion kit

5,984,328 Two-wheeled skateboard

WO 00/10647 Portable exercise apparatus

Superconductor Equipment

5,587,526 Proof mass support and sensing system

Telescope Technology

7,050,161 Global radius of curvature estimation and control system for segmented mirrors

Tools and Equipment for the Home

7,752,760 Portable trimmer having rotatable power head

8,069,520 Power mop with exposable scrub brush

Ultra-Sonic Motor Technology

5,939,847 Drive control device for ultrasonic motors

Video Processing Technology

5,546,136 Information processing unit for modifying gain in a frequency band of a video signal

VLSI Fabrication

5,841,145 Method of and system for exposing pattern on object by charged particle beam

6,132,908 Photo mask and exposure method using the same

Voice Recognition Software

5,704,005 Speech recognition apparatus and word dictionary therefor

Voting Technology

WO 96/02044 Remote recording computer voting system